Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lone ranger, only friend a gun.
Lost in translation.
Lost in amidst adaptation.

Sceneries change.
Golden leaves translate into bare slates.
Earth adapts, evolves.

Buried deep under root, one sleeps in agony.
Forgetting -
that death is not the only manifestation of true love.
The illusion collapses -
Like a lung, devoured by cancer.

Love is a sickness -
With each sound that breaks I think of you.

Go away. Find a cure -
Putting on an act, I stray.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Today is unlike any other.

I see you in true light, originating from the vastest depths of my mind, I seem to be unkind..

Taking my life away, I feel I must cast myself astray,

Together in pain, forever separate from parallel paths.

Love has done unto me a vigorous task, always hoping, never knowing,

where you and I stand, forever in trust, but far from eternal dust.

I love you, admire you, cherish you and desire you.

Not mine to keep, yet continually you seep through my thoughts,

I dare not sleep, for the night brings images of your wit and sorrow.

I deem you a saint, from heaven above. Yet, to me you will never be-

For our hearts have been soiled by past indulgences.

I crave redemption from my own foolish pride, I wish that we could walk together, slow pace, in a unison stride.

I bare not but one apology to you, rationality meets idealism, leaving me in between all that can be foreseen and forgotten.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Farewell to Prosperity

A conservative man points his finger in my direction and shouts fool.

I stand at the bottom of a hill looking up at him and I am small.

His pockets are coloured in green and his teeth shine like gold.

I am nothing in comparison; I do not have a hundred diamonds to sell.

He says all is well for those who prosper; he preaches the word of the market.

Flicking my cigarette, I stare absent mindlessly; his words do not penetrate my understanding.

Sinking knee deep in mud, I struggle to make it to the top of this hill.

I purchase an education, money spent on recognition.

I work for the other man who pays me barely enough.

The people are vacant and the cities are crowded.

The trees disappear and the water turns sour.

Sky's stay forever gray and every old lady is praying for this world to be ok.

What ever happened to homemade bread? Why can’t I taste the dew amongst the summer breeze?

The soil is being turned into a landmine of riches for the ones on top to harvest into

Gold. But, little do they know that the flowers can’t grow from a mound of concrete.

I laugh at the man in the black suit who turned equality, economy, and prosperity into a corrupt system of the poor staying poor and the rich growing richer.

Friday, June 4, 2010


Wash me away in a flood of misery.

Loose me to time, like my tears are lost in the rain.

In the sunlight we can not deny the chemistry,

By the moon I walked in vain.

Bothered I feel, for a fool’s will is always damned,

Release me from your hating captivity and strike me with a forgiving hand.

Suffocating in a room filled with despair,

No breath to redeem my sorrowed sins.

You begin to believe my words are unfair,

Looking back in time, now there is no where to begin

I pity myself for becoming all I am not,

Does it make sense; are you willing to re-tie this knot?

I come baring a burden of the heaviest weight.

Wise Men are Dead

From my understanding, wisdom is the highest and purest form of enlightenment and all other things before that are merely tools needed to achieve wisdom.

Data and information can be presented to anyone through books, media, computers etc. Therefore, a computer can not sustain a level of wisdom, for it has no means to carry out good actions and decisions, nor does it have the ability to be spiritual or passionate about something.

Information is simply programmed into our minds. Eg. When studying for a test memorizing a definition is not knowledge because half the time you forget what you studied a week later.

Knowledge is putting information to use through your everyday action and decision making, it is the understanding of what the information means.

On the other hand, wisdom is a complete understanding of what, why, and how. Wisdom is a part of who we are emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. Wisdom lays out a philosophy to life. You can not achieve wisdom and loose it a day later. It comes from experience and the ability to attain an open mind without the burden of ignorance, while acting in a good and just way because of the right vision and the right course of action.

This article helps me to understand the process of information retrieval because it informs me about the hierarchy of understanding.

So, if I were to source a man who is acclaimed for his wisdom, eg. Gandhi, then I would respect and trust the information given.

Green Monster

Our dollars, our grime.

why can’t we just love what was in existence before mankind?

The British community are recognized as people who are being taxed the most dollars by their government to make up for all the CO2 emissions that have been weakening our atmosphere.

Is this democracy or even an initiative to change the wrong that we have been creating for years now? I think not. The British government most likely can not justify that the tax dollars people pay for the amount of pollution being created are actually going towards the promised objectives.

To me the fight against global warming has become the media’s new fad, highly promoting efficient energy use, making it sound so easy to undo the damage that has already been done.

I do appreciate the awareness that is being exploited because it does make a difference, but once all the people get on board we are going to need a captain to steer our motives in the right direction.

I find it hard to believe that world leaders would make the elimination of greenhouse gases and pollutions their number one priority when of course there are wars to be fought, along with oil to be pumped.

Our earth is our canvas. A place to explore and live in harmony with, but we simply can not find the time to throw our Timmy’s cup in the trash rather than the lawn.

So careless and clueless citizens of any given society have been towards the health of our earth. Maybe it’s large scale size misleads us all to believe that mother earth would never fail us. However with each engine’s daily ignition and each smoke stacks rising toxins, we progress closer to the demise of natural beauty.

Global warming isn’t revolutaionary nor is it recently acclaimed knowledge. Many of us have been aware of it's negative impacts, but have chosen to greet the issue with a sense of ignorant bliss.